viernes, 4 de septiembre de 2015

SKY SHARKS’ FISHER'S FRITZ COMMERCIAL (Wolfgang Matzl; Austria; 2015)

El buen amigo y acérrimo instigador de no apagar la llama de este blog, Wolfgang Matzl, sigue su senda de trabajos en cut-out exquisitos como los que ya hemos mostrado por estos lares en entradas anteriores (aquí una y aquí otra).

It’s a fictitious commercial which will be shown in the german movie „Sky Sharks“ (a tongue-in-cheek movie featuring zombies flying on sharks ; ) ( I wanted my animation to be reminiscent of the vintage Lucky Strike and Hans Fischerkoesen commercials from the 40s. 
The animation was done with paper cut-outs combined with some real objects (fish can, wire and hook), and everything was shot in camera (with Dragonframe and Canon EOS 5D Mark II). All the characters, props and sets were drawn by me, printed and cut out and then assembled. For the fisherman and the lady I had tiny wires on their back, for the fish I animated replacements.  
There might be a second stop motion animation in the movie (in the vein of Evil Dead 2) which starts shooting in January, but it’s not set in stone yet. - Wolfgang Matz
Estamos expectantes de ver esa segunda secuencia de la que Wolfgang nos habla a la vez que nos quedamos muy contentos con que todavía haya gente dentro del cine que siga apostando por incluir animaciones stop motion en sus proyectos de largometraje. ¡Bien! Además, que mejor para celebrarlo, que deleitarnos con las fotos de detrás de las cámaras que Wolf nos adjunta en el e-mail.
Direction by Wolfgang Matzl.
Assistant to direction and typography by Moana Rom.
Voiced by Arril Johnson.
Music by André Rössler and Isabel Greiwe.


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