domingo, 14 de septiembre de 2008

"Weird Al" Yankovic

En 1993 con el estreno de "Jurassic Park", Weird AL se encargó de hacer un video parodiando la cancion de "MacArthur Park" de Jimmy Webb (interpretada por Richard Harris), el video esta hecho con muñecos de plastilina, hechas por Mark Osborne (el director de la aclamada Kung Fu Panda), y que también parodian el estilo del animador Will Vinton y su film Dinosaurs!, las escenas tomadas de el filme original "Jurassic Park" fueron aprobadas por el director Steven Spielberg.

I recall the time they found those fossilized mosquitoes
And before long, they were cloning DNA
Now I'm being chased by some irate velociraptors
Well, believe me... this has been one lousy day

Jurassic Park is frightning in the dark
All the dinosaurs are running wild
Someone shut the fence off in the rain
I admit it's kinda eerie
But this proves my chaos theory
And I don't think I'll be coming back again
Oh no

I cannot approve of this attraction
'Cause getting disemboweled always makes me kinda mad
A huge tyrannosaurus ate our lawyer
Well, I suppose that proves... they're really not all bad

Jurassic Park is frightning in the dark
All the dinosaurs are running wild
Someone let T. Rex out of his pen
I'm afraid those things'll harm me
'Cause they sure don't act like Barney
And they think that I'm their dinner, not their friend
Oh no
(roar roar roar ahh ahh ahh)

Jurassic Park is frightning in the dark
All the dinosaurs are running wild
What a crummy weekend this has been
Well, this sure ain't no E-ticket
Think I'll tell them where I'll stick it
'Cause I'm never coming back this way again
Oh no... woah no

Por otro lado, en Agosto de 1986 realiza la canción "Dare to be Stupid", canción que me encanta y que tiene un par de secuencias de cochecitos moviendose en stop motion. El tema (y su video-clip) son una parodia de la canción de "Devo Big Mess". Fue utilizada ese mismo año para "The Transformers: The Movie"

Put down that chain saw and listen to me
Its time for us to join in the fight.
Its time to let your babies grow up to be cowboys
Its time to let the bedbugs bite.
You'd better put all your eggs in one basket
You'd better count your chickens before they hatch.
You'd better sell some wine before its time
You'd better find yourself an itch to scratch.

You'd better squeeze all the Charmin you can
While Mr. Whipple's not around.
Stick your head in the microwave and get yourself a tan.

Talk with your mouth full
Bite the hand that feeds you
Bite off more then you can chew
What can you do? Dare to be stupid!

Take some wooden nickels,
Look for Mr. Goodbar,
Get your mojo working now,
I'll show you how you can dare to be stupid!

You can turn the other cheek,
You can just give up the ship,
You can eat a bunch of sushi then forget to leave a tip.
(Dare to be stupid!) Come on and dare to be stupid,

It's so easy to do, dare to be stupid!
We're all waiting for you. Let's go!

It's time to make a mountain out of a molehill
So can I have a volunteer?
There's no more time for crying over spilled milk,
Now it's time for crying in your beer.

Settle down with a family. Join the PTA.
Buy some sensible shoes and a Cheverolet.
Then party till your broke and they drag you away.
It's OK. You can dare to be stupid!

It's like spitting on a fish.
It's like barking up a tree.
It's like I say, you gotta buy one if you wanna get one free.

Dare to be stupid! (yes) Why don't you dare to be stupid?
It's so easy to do. Dare to be stupid.
We're all waiting for you. Dare to be stupid.

Burn your candle at both ends.
Look a gift horse in the mouth.
Mashed potatoes can be your friends.

You can be a coffee achiever.
You can sit around the house and watch Leave it to Beaver.
The future's up to you, so what'choo gonna do?
Dare to be stupid! Dare to be stupid!

What did I say? (Dare to be stupid)
Tell me what did I say? (Dare to be stupid)
It's alright (Dare to be stupid)
We can be stupid all night (Dare to be stupid)

Come on, join in the crowd (Dare to be stupid)
Shout it out loud (Dare to be stupid)
I can't hear you (Dare to be stupid)
OK, I can hear you now (Dare to be stupid)

Let's go!

Dare to be stupid (Dare to be stupid)
Dare to be stupid (Dare to be stupid)
Dare to be stupid (Dare to be stupid)
Dare to be stupid (Dare to be stupid)

Larga vida a Weird Al!

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