lunes, 19 de julio de 2010

"El patito feo" de Garri Bardin: Trailer

El patito feo es una película de stop-motion rusa, dirigida por el fenomenal Garri Bardin, que según lo previsto verá la luz en las pantallas de cine comerciales el 25 de Agosto de este 2010 y para la que se han creado más de 400 personajes en plastilina.

Ugly! That duckling's ugly!
Horribly ugly, vile and a disgrace.
And he's no duckling, nor's he a chicken;
not even HE can say where is his place.

Quite unlike us, your local residents,
great-looking precedents,
well-known around these lands,
While you're the worst endeavour
that we've seen ever,
and you will never
be a local face.

"No-one will ever love you
unless you get much shorter and more fat!"
The spitting image of us local boys,
who have such grace and poise;
how many times must we explain that among normal
goose and duck siblings,
you'll never see repulsive freaks like that.

You're ugly! Ugly! You're not a duckling!
You're not a gosling, nor a chicken's own.
You are a mongrel, dreadfully scrawny,
too tall and bony - go live alone!

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