viernes, 9 de julio de 2010

Cierra Stop Motion Magic

La página web/foro: Stop Motion Magic creada por Marc Spess como alternativa a la famosa Animateclay cierra esta semana.

Marc quiere juntar todo en lo cual me parece bastante más inteligente que tener que administrar varias webs.

Aqui os dejo el E-mail que me ha llegado de Spess hoy mismo:

"Hi Everyone,

There is less than one week before will close its doors forever. If you have an account, please make sure to transfer it over to in the community. It's already loaded with tons of activity, images, videos and forum posts. It's a huge hit!

If you want to join the new community on please do so before we shut down completely.

I want to thank everyone who supported the site since it's beginning and shared their film projects. While the site was an experiment and it's time is up, the things that took place shaped our new site so we could make it the best possible stop motion site on the internet.

So if you need help moving over just let me know, and if you don't want to - thank you all again and best of luck with your stop motion projects!

With gratitude,
Marc Spess"

Así que desde Puppets & Clay esperamos que la nueva, y muy mejorada, coja toda la fuerza que adquirió Stop Motion Magic para convertirse en una web todavía más de referencia.

Ha muerto Stop Motion Magic, larga vida a Animateclay!

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